Yishun 5 room HDB renovation by Interior Designer Ben Ng – Part 2 – Hacking

Hacking was the first stage for this renovation project. For any resale unit (especially true for older unit), hacking can be a big portion of the renovation cost. For a big apartment, hacking cost can go as high as SGD7,000 to SGD8,000 depending on whats need to be hack. For this unit, the estimated hacking cost is about SGD6,500. For those homeowners who bought a big old apartment and going for full renovation, do expect your hacking cost to be a big one.

The hacking took 3 days. Before hacking works can be carried out, a permit from HDB is needed. In addition to that, the Interior Designer, contractor, or person in charged of the renovation need to inform the surrounding neighbours of the the renovation works. There are restricted timing for all renovation works in HDB or private condominiums. Any violation can result in revoke of HDB licence.

The following pictures and video are taken on the third day of the hacking work. The hacking is completed and most of the debris were removed.

Living Room


After hacking off all the old wall tiles, the wall need to be “chipped” so that the new layer of cement and sand can stick to the wall.


The original door of the common toilet is on the extreme left (nearest to the window). Another opening is created to shift the door of the toilet. If I am not wrong, the Ben is going to create a shower area with shower screen which is usually not available to old HDB unit.

Common Room 1

Master Room

Master Toilet

Common Room 2

Store Room


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