Yishun 5 room HDB renovation by Interior Designer Ben Ng – Part 3 – Tiling

For this 5 room HDB unit, all floor will be fully tiled (homogeneous tiles) except for the bedrooms. The bedrooms will be cement screeded and vinyl tiles will be laid. The wall of the kitchen and the two toilets will be tiled as well. The whole tiling process can take up to 14-18 working days because of the size of the house. However, from my last visit, it seems like it will be faster than expected.

Living Room

The picture above shows how the tiler using a tool to cut the tile to desired size.


Common Toilet

Common Room 1

New windows are installed concurrently.

Common Room 2

Master Room

Master Toilet

Spacers are used to create a space (grout lines) between the tiles. The smaller the spacer, the thinner the grout line. Big grout lines can also be beautiful depending on the tiles used or the overall design and feel.

Video of the whole house

Something Interesting

This blue brick looking block (picture above) is actually a foam. It is super hard and feel like a rock but light. The purpose is to fill the area near the main entrance (see picture below). this is to level the area with the rest of the living room floor. To finish it off, cement, sand and tiles will be laid on top of the foam.

Information about the Interior Designer


Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept

Website: http://www.behomedc.com/index.htm

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