Anti-slip floor solution by G-MES: Protect old folks, children and yourself

Have you experienced falling in your own bathroom or any wet surface? If the fall is a bad one, you can get seriously hurt. Slippery floor is already posing a danger to any strong adult. Can you imagine your elderly parents or young children falling due to slippery floor? Many of them might not be able to recover from the injuries.

Many people might not even heard of anti-slip floor treatment or solution. In this post, I am presenting you one of Singapore’s leading anti-slip floor treatment specialist, G-MES International.

How does it works?

  • Anti-slip chemical is applied to the existing floor area (bathroom/toilet). 
  • Microscopic thread patterns created within the floor tiles.
  • You will be able to feel the grip when step on.

How is it applied on?

I have taken a video of the whole treatment process. It take only about 45 minutes to complete the treatment. Its fast and hassle free.  You do not need to prepare anything before and after the treatment. Just let the specialists do their magic!

The following are pictures and video of a job site that I personally visited.

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-Before treatment 8

Before treatment

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-Equipment 9

Equipment for treatment

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-After chemical application 10

Anti-slip chemical doing its magic!

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-After treatment 11

After treatment condition

Can it work on any floorings or materials?

It (treatment) can work on tiled flooring like:

  • ceramic
  • homogeneous
  • marbles
  • quartz
  • engineered stone
  • granite

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-Toilet after treatment 4

It can also work on other surfaces (coating):

  • enamel or porcelain bathtubs
  • metals
  • wood
  • timber
  • glass
  • vinyl
  • parquet
  • laminate
  • painted surface
  • concrete

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-treatment on other surface 6

How long can it last?

According to G-MES International, the treatment can last a very long period of time. The cleaner is your floor (after treatment), the longer it will last. Cleaner floor will also means better grip! Although G-MES provide a 1 year warranty for the treatment, the anti-slip solution can usually last much much much (I really mean it and its not a typo error) than that.

What do you need to take note of?

For dark tiles, the treatment will deter the dark feel. However, G-MES specialists will alway know how to handle dark tiled flooring. The specialists will always pre-empt the owner regarding dark floor tiles issue. Only upon owners’ agreement, they will then proceed with the treatment. In the case that the owner felt unacceptable on the after treatment condition, G-MES can always perform a restoration works which will help to restore the dark colour (near to original).

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-Before Treatment 1

Dark floor tiles before treatment.

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-After treatment 2

Dark floor tiles after treatment.

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-After restoration 3

Condition after restoration work.

How much does it cost?

G-MES International Price list - Anti-slip floor

  • Price updated on 8 May 2014
  • All prices mentioned exclude GST
  • Marble and granite cost is approximately 1.8 times higher (another application and solution)
  • SGD50 charge for job site assessment without any work done

For anti-slip treatment on bigger areas like kitchen, lift lobby, restaurants, public toilet, etc, please contact G-MES International for a site assessment. Price varies depending on the condition of the floor and floor type.

How creditable is G-MES International?

G-MES International is a HDB approved contractor for slip resistant. The company participate heavily in charity organisations activities and is a recommended company for anti-slip floor solution. Organisation involved:

  • EASE (Enhancement for Active Seniors)
  • HIP/EASE (See: HDB website)
  • Touch community services

Below are photos of G-MES International’s participation at EASE.

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 7

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE roadshow 5

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 15

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 15

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 14

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 13

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-EASE program 12

Award and certification

G-MES International award certification-1 G-MES International award certification-2

Singapore Entrepreneurs Award Logo

Promising SME 500 2014


Information about G-MES International

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-logo 17

G-MES Anti-slip treatment solution-Flyers16


Address: 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #09-44 Harvest @ Woodlands Singapore 757322
Tel: (65) 6659 6808
Fax : (65) 6659 6807
Registration No.: 53182858A
G.S.T. Registration No.: M90366535L
Email :
Website :

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