Beautiful kitchen ideas

Showrooms’ kitchens always looked stunning as compared to most home kitchen. Most of the materials used to create the kitchen cabinets are the same: plywood, laminate, anti-slam hinges, etc.  So what makes one kitchen more impressive looking than the other?

Showroom kitchen cabinets 1

Showroom kitchen cabinets 2

Showroom kitchen cabinets 3

Showroom kitchen cabinets 4

Lighting in kitchen cabinets

Lighting plays a significant part in the impressive looks of the kitchen.  For example, cove lighting can be installed either on the top, the bottom or the work area of the kitchen cabinets to create a relaxing and cozy feeling especially with the ceiling light switched off. Most home kitchen does not install these lighting due to cost and practical reason. To “wow” your friends with your kitchen, spending an extra few hundred on fluorescent tubes and wiring will do the trick.  There are some disadvantages about installing lighting in kitchen cabinets. Installing the fluorescent tubes will reduce storage space. In order to capture the effects of cove lighting, half-height kitchen cabinets need to be adopted, which reduces potential storage space.  However, to have outstanding kitchen, additional lighting to the kitchen cabinets is the way to go.

Blue cove lighting

Unconventional colors, surface and materials

Most people will choose white, brown or grey colors with matt surface, which form an exceptionally dull look for the kitchen cabinets.  Selecting bright color like red with glossy surface can do wonders.  Adding other matching materials like stainless steel surface to some parts of the cabinets can make the kitchen look even better.

Red color glossy laminate kitchen cabinets

Round or curve corners

This idea may not suit all kitchen.  However, if your house do have the space with correct positioning of the kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will stand out as compare to any of friends and relatives. I have not seen one online or anywhere physically except for this showroom in Europe.

Round corner kitchen cabinets

For some part of the cabinets, example the cabinets of the counter top or the top cabinets, curve shape can be used.  This design might post a manufacturing challenge to the carpenters.  Therefore, the cost to do such sleek design might be higher due to longer manufacturing time and material wastage.

Curve shape top cabinet

Curve shape bottom cabinet

Display area

If one has a spacious kitchen with abundance storage, create a display area so that beautiful artifacts can be exhibited to enhance the looks of the kitchen.  For example, one can create a display shelve in between the top kitchen cabinets.

Display shelves at top kitchen cabinets

Multipurpose straps at wall area between top and bottom cabinets 

Most home in Singapore installs either wall tiles, tempered glass or plaster for the wall area between the top and bottom cabinets.  We can make a difference to the kitchen by installing 1 or 2 metal straps as shown in the picture.  In this instance, the metal straps decorate the kitchen and serve as the area for the electrical points.

Metal strap

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2 Responses to “Beautiful kitchen ideas”

  1. Rebecca Lim

    Aug 21. 2013

    Cove lightings illuminate the kitchen cabinets beautifully. Careful planning ahead will determine the successful outcome of any kitchen renovation works. A combination of colours (even that of the kitchen countertops), lightings and shelving layouts will make the kitchen space beautiful, spacious and cosy. 😉

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  2. Alan Goh

    Oct 14. 2013

    Custom made kitchen cabinets not only create space in your kitchen, they make full use of the existing kitchen space. Display shelves will also enhance the feel and look of your kitchen, whilst adding valuable space in the process.

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