Renovation quotation request Do’s and Don’t’s

I received many emails from readers asking for renovation quotations every single day. I realised that I am always repeating the same reply to the readers because of many incomplete information. The purpose of this post “renovation quotation request Do’s and Don’t’s” is to let you (especially those who are requesting for quotation) know what information you should provide before sending your email to my “Preferred Interior Designers”.

Whom do you send your renovation quotation request to?

Many readers emailed me asking for quotation directly from me. I would like to clarify that Vincent Interior Blog is a information sharing website and not a renovation or interior design company. Therefore I would like to clarify that Vincent Interior Blog does not provide quotation. All the featured projects are from my preferred partners or Interior Design companies. Your emails and enquiries should go directly to my preferred partners. By emailing directly to the respective Interior Design Company, you will get your reply faster as you need not wait for me to forward your emails to the Interior Design Companies. Following are the emails of my preferred partners:

What information to send?

1) Floor plan

Many people either do not send floor plan or send the wrong type of floor plan. If you do not send your floor plan, how is the Interior Designer going to quote you? Without any measurements, it is impossible to provide a valid quotation.

Floor Plan-2

A good floor plan (such as the picture above) is a pdf or scanned copy directly obtained from the developer (condominium or new landed properties), BCA (old landed properties) or HDB (BTO or old HDB flats). The floor plan is usually drawn to scale with the correct measurement. Floor plan taken from handphone is not recommended because it will takes a lot of the Interior Designer’s time to draw the floor plan to scale which will lengthen the time needed for the Interior Designers to prepare the quotation.

Floor Plan-1

Many readers also use wrong type of floor plan to request for quotation. An example of a wrong floor plan is shown above. There are two critical mistakes with the floor plan. Firstly, there is no measurement and secondly, the floor plan is not drawn to scale and it is usually for illustration only. This kind of floor plan is usually taken from the developer or HDB website. Since there is no measurement or not drawn to scale, it is practically useless to the Interior Designers. Which also means that you cannot use this floor plan to request for quotation.

2) Key collection date (also means renovation start date)

Why do Interior Designers need renovation start date before deciding whether to prepare the quotation for their customers? The main reason is cost fluctuation. Interior Designers’ cost is always fluctuating because Singapore’s raw materials and foreign labour work permit charges alway changes. Very few Interior Designers are willing to take the risk of  under charging. Therefore, a good time to request for a valid innovation quotation is about 3 months before renovation start date.

3) Contact number (Mobile number)

There are some readers who only wish to communicate by email. I am not sure about other Interior Design companies but my preferred Interior Design companies will need to have mobile number before processing any quotation request. One reason is to facilitate communication. All questions can be answered with just a call or SMS. Another reason is to identify genuine homeowners who are serious about engaging the Interior Designer. Unfortunately, there are really many homeowners who only request for quotation and cannot be bothered to reply the Interior Designer after getting the quotation. With a valid mobile number, genuine customers have shown their sincerity to the Interior Designers that they are interested in their services. For your information, it takes the Interior Designer hours just to prepare one quotation. Please do appreciate their time and effort. Do drop them a call or message even if their quotation does not meet your requirement.

4) Budget

Providing a budget allows the Interior Designer to quote within what you want and prepared to spend. It is pointless for the Interior Designer to quote you a renovation project that you will and never agreed. If you need to know how to set a budget for your renovation, you can see my previous post: Renovation Cost: How much are you expected to pay?

Hopefully after reading this post, you will be able to know how to get a valid quotation from my preferred Interior Designers or Interior Designers from any other renovation companies.

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