Selecting bedroom doors

The following is a commonly used door catalog for local interior designers and contractors.

Classic Door

Classic door one of the cheapest type of door you can find in the market. Its made with thin layer of wood and paint over after installation.

Nyatoh Door With Glass

Nyatoh door with glass is usually installed in offices. However, there are some homeowner using these doors. It is a solid door (meaning whole piece of wood). I personally think that privacy is a concern when the glass is used (especially for bedroom).

Nyatoh Door With Stainless Steel and Glove Line

The stainless steel and glove line add design to the plain looking nyatoh door.

Veneer Door

Veneer is a thin slice of wood glued to the door to give the door more colour, character and design. Its a alternative to nyatoh door.

Important things to take note:

1) Solid or hollow door

If you want good sound proof door, you need to select solid door like the nyatoh or veneer doors. Classic doors are not fully solid (meaning hollow in the middle) and you can clearly hear noise outside (sound from the TV) when you are in the room. I would not recommend classic door because its really annoying when you can hear the noise out. Some contractors or interior designers do not explain the disadvantages of these doors and sell them to homeowners just because its cheap. Moreover, because classic door is made of very thin material, it can be easily damaged (as easy as giving a hard punch on the door). Do ask your contractor or interior designer about the doors that you are purchasing.

2) Door frame

If you are changing a new door, you will have a choice of either using your old door frame or install a new one. Using a old door frame will means that the new door might not fit “nicely” as compared to a new frame. This does not means that your old door frame is not usable. In term of function, your old door frame can still work perfectly, but the aesthetic look might not be as desirable as you think. Most homeowners who did not change their door frame will have it repaint. If your old door frame is already rotting or infested with termites, do consider changing.

3) Door stopper

Do remember install door stoppers to prevent your doors from unnecessary damages to the handles and the wall.

Doors accessories and handles

Below are some accessories that you might need for your door.  There are also many handle designs to choose from.

Door Accessories

Door Handles


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8 Responses to “Selecting bedroom doors”

  1. milan

    Jan 29. 2014

    I have am looking for a normal wooden door for my room.. how much will the cost be including installation

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    • Vincent

      Feb 05. 2014

      The cheapest classic door only range between $320 to $450. Usually this kind of single job cost more due to transport cost.

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  2. Jonathan

    Apr 28. 2014

    How much does a nyato door cost? And is classic door lasting? As comparing to nyato.

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  3. Elin

    May 12. 2014

    Hi, any recommendation for doors + door frames supplier? If i am looking at veneer doors, how much would the cost be for both the doors and the door frames? Thanks.

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    • Vincent

      Jun 01. 2014

      You can try checking out at google. At the moment, my contact is only suitable for commercial and not for homeowners.

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  4. Ema

    May 17. 2014

    How much is the veneer door?

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    • Vincent

      Jun 01. 2014

      That depends very much on design and quality. Estimation is upwards of $500 without door frame.

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