Sembawang 4 Room HDB homeowners’ testimonial for BEhome Design Concept

Whenever I do a testimonial post, there is always a sense of achievement in me. This is because it means that my preferred Interior Designer had done a really good renovation job for the homeowners. This testimonial is even more significant when it came from my readers. In this “Sembawang 4 Room HDB homeowners’  testimonial for BEhome Design Concept” post, I will be showing the actual pictures of the renovated home, 3D perspectives and the testimonial written by the homeowners. I will also like to thank the homeowners Mr. and Mrs A for their emails.

By the way, Mr. and Mrs A, if you are reading this, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed our conversation during the photo shooting session although its the first time we met. Thank your for your time and I really appreciated it.

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The homeowner, Mrs A asked me whether I can edit away the standing fan so that the picture will look nicer. I told her that the biggest difference about Vincent Interior Blog and other websites is to show the truth and that is what the readers want to see. All my pictures are as it is without any editing (photoshop). The most I did is some cropping to make the pictures straight and brighten the pictures if it is too dark to see.

3D perspectives Vs Actual site photos

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-2

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-6

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-1

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-9

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-4

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-12

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-11

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-3

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-10

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-5

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-13

Testimonial from Mr and Mrs A

Hi Vincent..

We would like to express out thanks and compliments to BEhome Design Concept and our ID Mr Ben Ng as follows.

We chanced upon BEhome by coincidence. Our ID Ben Ng was friendly, approachable and professional with providing ID advices/ideas and not “renovation contractor” advices/ideas. The end product of our home met both our expectations and the delivery of our home was on scheduled. Of course all is never smooth, however Ben was always assuring and ensured that any issues arising are rectified and addressed to his best abilities on the spot or earliest possible time.
Ben came across as a man of his words; he meant what he say and will deliver what he say. He followed up and updated us on the status of our home closely. Ben also showed that he managed his team of sub-contractors very well and his team of sub-contractors were “on the ball” and took pride in their job assigned by Ben.
To be honest, even though BEhome quotations are slightly above average, even against some better known ID firms in the markets. However looking at the whole journey of renovation from scratch, we felt it was worth the extra cents.
Prospective owners who are still scouting for suitable and reliable ID (who can and will deliver), have a chat with Ben, I believe BEhome is worth it.

We will not hesitate to approach BEHome for future renovation works. Cheers to Ben (and team) and thank you for the hard work and effort!

Best Wishes,
A & A

Curtains done by Vincent Interior Blog’s preferred partner J & K Furnishing Pte Ltd

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-8

Sembawang 4 room HDB BEhome Design Concept-7

About J & K Furnishing Pte Ltd.

JK Furnishing Pte Ltd

Kelvin Cheng

Products and services provided: Curtains customisation and  installation
Curtain Decorator: Kelvin Cheng
Address: Block 10B, Toa Payoh Lorong 7, #15-213, Singapore 312010
Mobile Number: 9091 0515 (Primary Contact)
Fax Number: 6358 0301
Company Registration Number: 201130012R

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Information about the ID from BEhome Design Concept

Address: Blk 510, Bedok North Street 3, #01-05, Singapore 460510
Tel: 6445 2131 / 9746 2581
Email: (Primary Contact, address to Ben)

Interior Designer from BEhome Design Concept


Ben Ng 
Experience: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

What many of my readers like about Ben:

  • Many useful and practical suggestions
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Superior PR and customer service
  • Completed works is very close to 3D perspectives

Featured completed renovation projects: 

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Ben Ng is a Vincent Interior Blog preferred Interior Designer.

PS: Due to overwhelming responds, Please allow Ben more time to reply you, whether by email, call or SMS. To facilitate a faster respond, please email your floor plan and proposed renovation date. If you did not get a reply within 3 working days, please email me at I will try to do my best to do something for you! Me and my group of preferred IDs will try to meet every readers’ requests. Thank you again for all the support!

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