Tips to having a creative and unique home

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Have you seen photos of beautiful homes with creative and unique designs? I am sure you would like to replicate the same effects in your own home. However, there will always be some factors that will restrict or prevent it from happening. I hope that I am able to lead you to a good start by giving you some pointers:

1) Look for a Interior Designer that specialised in creative and unique designs

There are thousands of Interior Designers in Singapore but few really specialised in being creative in doing unique designs. Most of the Interior Designers are so used to doing the same things when renovating a home that they would just replicate the same renovation work from their last project. Just look at these pictures (Singapore kitchen designs from google) for example. Out of 100 pictures, maybe only 5 are slightly different from the norm. There are really nothing wrong with the kitchen designs but they just lack the “being different” feel.

Those Singapore Interior Designers that do specialised in being different are difficult to find but they do exist. To identify these Interior Designers, you can:

  • look at their previous projects: if you can identify quite a number of unique designs from their portfolios, that is the Interior Designers you are looking for.
  • determine their attitude towards creativity and being “different”: If you ask a renovation contractor about creativity or unique designs, he will say you are crazy! A creative Interior Designer will usually take it as a very good challenge to display their creativity skill.

2) Be mentally prepared that beautiful designs can be sometimes be impractical

If you look at some photos of really creative and unique home interior, you will realised that some of the decorative designs have no direct practical use at all. Click on the link here to see some of the designs. For example by adding some wall decors on the wall, the room will look impressive and really beautiful. Are you prepared to add these wall decors to your wall? You must have the mentality to accept that not all beautiful designs are practical. Of course if your Interior Designer can create something which is “different” and practical, it will be a definitely be a plus point.

3) Be daring and willing to try

If something is creative and “different”, it is usually unique. If it is unique, it will most likely be the first time that your Interior Designer is doing it. He can be confident about his design but it is still not been done before. Are you willing to try and believe your Interior Designer? Are you able to accept a kitchen design or wall colour that is out of the norm? You best guarantee will be the 3D perspectives. In this case, my advise to you is to pay a design fee (example $3,000) to the Interior Designer for the design work without signing a full contract. You will be using a small amount to see the design rather than committing example, $50,000 without even having any idea what your Interior Designer is going to propose.

Look at the picture here. These pictures shows really beautiful and fun interior designs but can you accept your own home to be look like that and face the outstanding and bright colours everyday?

4) Be prepared to pay more

Beautiful, unique and creative designs do not come cheap. It takes your Interior Designer a lot of thinking, planning and effort to come out with the design. The material used might be cheap but its the design idea that is expensive.

In conclusion, if you want to have a different and outstanding home, you have to be mentally prepared and willing to part with some extra cash!

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