Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog because I am really interested in about making my home a better place to stay in.  I tried to find out more information from the web, but there is (still is) nothing informative enough.

After I bought and renovated my house, I realize that there are in fact a lot of things which I wished I have prior knowledge in. If I had equipped myself with those information, I would have been able to make better decisions and save myself a sum of money. Every penny spent would have been more worthwhile.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to help anyone who is interested to setup a new home or make their home a better place to stay in. Most websites will only show pictures of beautiful living rooms or kitchens, etc, which I find it meaningless. What’s the point of showing you paradise beach and not telling you how to go or where it is? I am going to not only show you pictures of beautiful house but inform you how to go about achieving that desired dream house.

Hope you will find my blog useful.