Preferred IDs

The following individuals are my preferred Interior Designers. So what do I mean by preferred? They will have to meet my stringent requirements before they can be mentioned here.

My stringent requirements are:

1)   Experience – 3 years and above.
2)   Able to deliver – It’s a very important attribute of an Interior Designer. It means that a renovation project will be completed in time, regardless of difficulty and unexpected problems.
3)   Proven track record – Renovated more than 30 homes or commercial projects.
4)   Knowledgeable – Know their products, industry standard, rules and regulations.
5)   Trustworthy and honest – You can trust your money and houses with them.
6)   Friendly – Able to make your renovation experiences a wonderful one.
7)   Product inspected – I have personally seen their work.
8)   Good pricing with special attention – They give special pricing to my reader.
9)   Good review from customers

What you must do when you approached the Interior Designers:

1)   Please insist that on the listed Interior Designer to manage your renovation project. The Interior Designers that I mentioned are good, but I am not sure about their colleagues. If they are unable to handle your renovation works, please go to the others on MY LIST.
2)   Please mention Vincent Interior Blog for special privileges and pricing. *Vincent Interior Blog does not get commission or rewards from any of the Interior Designers mentioned below. *

Vincent Interior Blog recommended Interior Designers

PLUS Interior Design

Address: Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3, #02-21, Singapore 408868
Tel: 6296 9644 / 9004 4006
Email: (Primary Contact, address to Elton)

Interior Designers from PLUS Interior Design

Elton Ang
Experience: Working as a Interior Designer since 2000

Florence Yang
Experience: Working as a Interior Designer since 2000

Dawn Au
Experience: Working as a Interior Designer since 2005

Joyce Yu
Experience: Working as a Interior Designer since 2004

The Design Practice

TDP logo (TM)

Address: 387 Joo Chiat Road, The Modules Unit, 04-01, Singapore 427623
Tel: 6337 6478 / 9836 8281
Email: (Primary Contact, address to Raymond)

Design Fee: $1,500

Interior Designer from The Design Practice

Raymond Kua
Experience: working as a Interior Designer since 2001
Evangeline Cai
Experience: working as a Interior Designer since 2004