BTO 3 Room HDB renovation by Interior Designer Ben Ng – Pre-renovation

This featured renovation project is a brand new 3 room HDB at Sengkang west way. The unit comes with pre-installed doors and flooring. I want to thank Interior Design Ben Ng for his contribution to this feature.

Living Room

Protective sheets are used to cover the floor and the doors.

You can see that the wires are concealed within the walls. Concealing of wire for HDB is only possible when it is done by HDB. For more wiring works, it will have to be external (using plastic casing).


For HDB, the gas pipe is installed externally. Only private properties are allowed to conceal all the pipes and wires within the wall.

Common Toilet (located at kitchen)

The blue and red tapes indicate hot and cold water pipings‘ location. This is to inform renovation workers about the location of the pipes so that they will not accidentally damage the pipes when they are installing other fixtures or carpentry works.

Common Bedroom

Master Bedroom

In addition to protecting the floor and doors, temporary lightings are installed as well.

Master Toilet

Video of the whole unit

Information about the Interior Designer


Name: Ben Ng

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2006

Mobile: 9746 2581

Company: BEHome Design Concept


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