Practical tips on engaging a Interior Designer for your home renovation

1) First thing to do before you even meet your first Interior Designer

Ask your partner or yourself what you want from the renovation. Prepare a “what you want” list from a 30 minutes of brainstorming. The list should be good enough. At least when you meet the IDs, you will not be sweating in front of the IDs squeezing your brain juice and save time for more productive discussion. It can be just like any of your shopping list, for example:
  • need to be child friendly
  • black and white colours
  • display all my trophies
  • big wardrobe for my wife
  • spacious dressing table for my wife
  • display shelving in the wardrobe for my wife’s expensive bags (20 of them)
  • display area for my branded watch
  • children’s age: 4, 5, 6, 7 (2 in each room, 2 boys 2 girls)
  • travel a lot, need space to put cargo and cabin bags
  • kitchen need oven, microwave, dish washer, Super big fridge, etc
You can also get inspiration (for your list) from magazine, website or even friends’ or relatives’ houses. Of course, if you are lazy to think about it or totally have no idea what you want, you can always let the Interior Designers to “lead”  you for the necessary information.

2) Determine your budget

See my previous post: Renovation Cost: How much are you expected to pay? for detailed information on how to determine your budget. It will let you have an idea (estimate only) of the total amount of money you are going to come up with. This will help you to set a realistic budget for your ID and accessories. Planning your budget will prevent a “bill shock” during and after the renovation.

3) When to enquire or (ask for quotation) about your home renovation?

The answer will depend on when your house is ready to start renovation. 3 to 6 months before the start of the renovation is a good time to look for suitable Interior Designer (ID) and getting quotations. You will usually take 2 to 8 weeks to confirm your ID. For new homeowners, you will usually have a estimated delivery period (example late 3rd quarter). Taking the last day of 3rd quarter (30 September) as a guide, you can start your ID search starting from 1st April.
If you start enquiring for quotations too early, the prices are usually not accurate due to raising prices. Moreover, no ID will confirm pricing more than 6 months ahead of renovation start date unless they charge higher price. Many IDs will also advise you to return when it is closer to the renovation date because they will always focus on immediate or soon to start projects rather than those that will start in 1.5 years later. Yes! Please do not be surprised that there are some homeowners who look for IDs when their house will only be ready in 1.5 years later.
Enquire about home renovation at the right time ensure that you get a valid quotation. In addition to that, when the IDs know that your house is ready for renovation soon, it will make your renovation project more “desirable” because they know that you are a genuine customer who is ready to close the deal. Genuine deals usually command better price and better services.

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