Security issues with Singapore aluminium sliding window and window grilles

What I am going to tell you in this post might seems unbelievable. I cannot believe it myself when my wife told me until I personally experienced it. The poor quality aluminium windows and window grilles of some window manufacturers in Singapore have posed a security threat to many homeowners in Singapore. Those affected include homes with:

  • windows along the corridor (homes can be broken into easily)
  • brand new windows from your own contractors (those originated from HDB are stronger and safer)

Apparently (from reliable source), this is a industry problem and some window contractors knew about the problem.

How I found out about this issue

One evening (March 2013), a lady came to must house and told my wife that our aluminium sliding windows and window grilles are not safe and there have been break in cases recently. She proceed to open my house’s aluminium sliding windows while she was outside of my house! She immediate proceed to open my aluminium grilles after opening my windows effortlessly within seconds! She open both my aluminium window and window grilles in less than 1 minute. She even mentioned that there is a master key to open all window locks. Finally, she offered to sell my wife a special lock with installation service at $50 per piece.

From a reliable source, the whole aluminium window grilles can even to remove without breaking any parts.

How aluminium sliding window can be open easily

How aluminium window grille can be open easily

Signs that indicate your current aluminium sliding windows and window grilles are not safe

  • loosely fitted sliding windows: shaky and can be moved by 3-5 mm when you try to shake your windows (closed and locked position) 
  • Weak or thin aluminium material frame and glass for your sliding windows: the whole window can bend slightly when force is applied
  • weak locking system for aluminium grilles: the lock system is close to opening when you apply try to force open like what is shown in the above video

My current (temporary) solutions and preventive measures for already installed problem windows and grilles

Window lock security-2

The reason why the aluminium sliding window can be easily opened from outside is the poor quality of the locking system. The weak locking system caused the sliding windows to be shaky and loosely fitted. In order to strengthen the locking system of the sliding windows, I used some metal wire to tie around the locking system like the picture above. Using this method, the 2 pieces of aluminium windows are connected tightly and the windows cannot be easily open from outside. Another alternative is to use window alarm system.

Window lock security-1 Window lock security-3

For the aluminium window grilles, the temporary way to solve the issue is to use external locks like the 2 pictures above.

What you can do (preventive measures) if you are installing new windows and grilles

I do not have any information from the window contractors yet but I will update on this issue.

In the meanwhile, you can:

  • tell your ID or window contractor about your concern and what are their solutions or alternatives. See sample from current job sites and test them yourself. The window contractors might have new locking system because my problem windows and grilles are already 2.5 years old. 
  • use wrought iron grilles instead of aluminium grilles. Its more secured and stronger. However, it is fixed and cannot be opened.
  • insist that the window contractor used by your ID are BCA approved window contractor.
  • check all the windows and grilles locking system after installation. Ask your ID or contractor to solve the problem if the locking system cannot be secured properly.

This is really an important message worth spreading. Help to protect your love ones (friends and relatives). Please “Like” or “Share” this post on Facebook. I hope my personal experience can keep your love ones safe.

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    Aluminium sliding window is more reliable and his safe. nice blog.

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    Jun 16. 2015

    Hi, can i know where you get the last lock in your blog for your window grills?

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