Singapore Condominium Parc Seabreeze renovation by Raymond Kua – Pre renovation

I am really excited to bring you my blog’s first condominium renovation project by my preferred Interior Designer, Raymond Kua. Raymond is a very talented and experienced Interior Designer who likes to make use of different materials for his renovation projects (and I really like that!).

For this Parc Seabreeze Condominium project, I have yet to ask Raymond how is he going to renovate it. However, based on my previous knowledge about his style and previous projects, I believe it is going to be a unique and design-intensive one. I am already looking forward to how this condominium will look like after the renovation works.

Living Room

The workers are laying protective sheets prior to the hacking works. This is to protect the marble floor from damages.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Master Room

Something Interesting

The red markings on the wall are the hacking instructions for the workers. The first diagram indicates a hammer. The cross indicates to be removed and the arrow line indicate the hacking limit. In short, this is to inform the workers to hack down the wall to the limit on the right. From the hacking instructions on the walls, there is a lot of hacking works for this unit!

Video of the house

Information about the Interior Designer

Name: Raymond Kua

Experiences: working as a Interior Designer since 2001

Mobile: 9836 8281

Company: The Design Practice



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Raymond Kua is a Vincent Interior Blog preferred Interior Designer.

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  1. The Serenno

    Sep 06. 2013

    this is one of the reason why condo units never looks old..

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