Selecting the right window grille

In my previous post, I talk about window.  This is a continuation of the previous topic.  Installing window grilles for your home is closely related to installation of window.  Therefore, in Singapore renovation industry, your window and window grilles are usually installed by the same manufacturer.   What are the things you will need to take note of when installing window grilles?

*Condominium*  Do check with your condo management regarding the installation of window grille.  Different condo management have different guidelines on such installation to preserve the external looks of the condo as a whole.

1. The design of your window (the number of panel of your window)

If your window is a 3 panel window, your window grilles for that window will be 3 panels.  Most manufacturers will make sure that the number of panel between the window and the grille is correct.  Therefore, if your contractor happens to install the wrong window (e.g. you wanted 3 panel window but he installed 2 panels), the window grille is also affected and need to be changed.

2. The type of window grille

In Singapore, there are basically 2 type of materials used for window grille.  One is aluminium and the other is wrought iron.  Aluminium window grille usually comes in very simple design and its more popular with younger generation for its clean and simple look.  I personally feel that aluminium grille is more child friendly than wrought iron because there are no sharp edges.  Wrought iron window grille uses very strong material which can come in many shapes (leaves, animals, etc) and designs.  One of the reasons for using wrought iron grille is because of the strong material used.  Some homeowner find it safer to use wrought iron especially when the window (e.g. corridor) can be access from outside.

Below is examples of aluminium and wrought iron grilles from one of Singapore biggest manufacturer Wan Sern.  Most interior designers and contractors in Singapore use them.  Do go to their website for more selections and other products.

Wan Sern Aluminium Grilles Catalog 1

Wan Sern Wrought Iron Grilles 1

3. Colour of the window grille?

Aluminium window grille comes in its metallic colour or powder coated colour.  To match your window, the colour of the grille will usually be the same as your window.

Aluminium powder coat colour

There are also many colours to choose from for wrought iron window grille.  However, as we mostly install aluminium window in Singapore, the colour of wrought iron grille will not be the same as the window.

Wan Sern Wrought Iron and Powder Coating Colour Charts

4. The design of the grille

There are simply too many to choose from.  Simply choose something that you like or suited to the design of your house.

Wan Sern Aluminium Grilles Catalog 2

Wan Sern Wrought Iron Grilles Catalog 2

5. Can be opened or fixed

The window grille can be manufactured into:

  • casement
  • sliding
  • fixed

Most homeowners will install sliding grille as compared to the other 2 choices for practical and safety reason.  Casement grille can be dangerous when the grille need to be installed “inward open”.  Fixed window grille is also a very rare choice.  However, there are still some homeowners choosing fixed grille over sliding because they feel safer when their window can be easily accessed from outside.  Selection of how the window grille works depend very much on how you as the homeowner uses it.  Fixed window grille is sometime no a good choice when it means that you can seal off one of your potential emergency exit example during fire.

6. Locks

There are also many type of locks available for selection.  Some are with keys, some are without.  For grille, lock with key is preferred for safety and security reasons.  This is especially important for window along corridor, window easily accessible from outside and homes with young children.

Window Grille Lock with Key


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    This information is very help to choose for purchase the window grille.

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    Sep 24. 2014

    I hv enquiries abt the pricing,, how much do u charge for DBSS lake vista 3 rm flat for all window grills n a balcony invisible grills,

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