Tips to having a creative and unique home

Have you seen photos of beautiful homes with creative and unique designs? I am sure you would like to replicate the same effects in your own home. However, there will always be some ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful kitchen ideas

Showrooms’ kitchens always looked stunning as compared to most home kitchen. Most of the materials used to create the kitchen cabinets are the same: plywood, laminate, anti-slam hinges, ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 7 – Day 29 – Carpentry Works

Its been a month now.  All renovation works are rushing to meet the deadline.  Its really not an easy job to coordinate so many parties and works at the same time.  Thats ... Continue Reading →

HDB DBSS Parc Lumiere @ Simei Renovation and Interior Design

I recently went to a friend’s house and I am pretty impress with the renovation works from his Interior Designer.  Because this is a impromptu photo shoot,  the photos ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 6 – Day 25 – Carpentry Works

A normal full renovation like this 4 room HDB takes about 6 weeks to complete.  As we approach the end of week 4, all the major works are about to be completed. // Living Room The ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 5 – Day 14

On day 14 of the renovation, all tiling works are completed! // Living Room After clearing off all the debris, the house is ready for the rest of the renovation works: carpentry, ... Continue Reading →

Condo Design Suggestion: Living up 更上一層樓(壹號雲頂) video

I happened to come across a very interesting Hong Kong Interior Design TV show. Because there are many similarity between Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s condominium design, ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 3 – Day 4

This post shows the pictures of the house after hacking. // Hacking usually takes 2 days in a apartment or HDB renovation. After hacking, all the debris will be removed by the ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 2 – Floor Plan / 3D Drawing / Quotation

In this part 2 of the post, I will be showing you: Pre-renovation Discussion Process Floor Plan Full Renovation Details (quotation without price) 3D Perspective Drawing // Pre-renovation ... Continue Reading →

Punggol 4 Room HDB Renovation: Part 1

On this post, I will be talking about the renovation works of a 4 room HDB flat in Punggol.  I would like to thank the owners and the Interior Designer, Ben Ng, for all the information ... Continue Reading →

Renovating your toilet / bathroom: Floor Trap

Yes my readers!  I am talking about floor trap.  It might seems as a very small issue to you.  However, I feel that a nice floor trap can make a difference to the appearance ... Continue Reading →

Types of flooring for living room and bedroom

The common types of flooring for your living room and bedroom: Tiles Flooring Parquet Flooring Laminate Flooring Vinyl Flooring Painted Concrete Floor // Tiles Flooring Its the ... Continue Reading →

Selecting bedroom doors

The following is a commonly used door catalog for local interior designers and contractors. // Classic door one of the cheapest type of door you can find in the market. Its made ... Continue Reading →

Selecting the right window grille

In my previous post, I talk about window.  This is a continuation of the previous topic.  Installing window grilles for your home is closely related to installation of window. ... Continue Reading →

Selecting the right window

Every time I pass by someones’ home, I realised that there are many homeowners who installed the wrong type of window.  For this post, I will talk about installing the right ... Continue Reading →