Singapore curtain decorator: Kelvin Cheng from J&K Furnishing

In this post, we are going to introduce you to one of Vincent Interior Blog’s preferred partner, Singapore curtain decorator, Kelvin Cheng from J&K Furnishing. We have the privilege to show case some of his products, as well as one of his latest project (landed property at Sembawang).

Introduction video of Kelvin Cheng, Singapore curtain decorator

The purpose of this video is to let you know more about Kelvin before you even engage him for his professional service.

Curtain products

Basically, J&K Furnishing is a Singapore company that sells all kinds of curtains (primary products), wallpaper and tinted films for windows. Below are some of the actual examples that I took from his job sites.

Roller blinds

Curtains J&K Furnishing-roller blinds 11

Curtains J&K Furnishing-roller blinds 12

For people who like their house to be clean and neat, roller blind is one of the best choice. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth without dismantling.

Roman blinds

Curtains J&K Furnishing-roman blinds 14

Curtains J&K Furnishing-roman blinds 15

JK Furnishing Pte Ltd - Roman Curtain

Roman blind is another alternative to roller blind or day and night curtains. It look nice and simple to operate.


Curtains J&K Furnishing-curtain 13

Other than using it for windows, curtains can also be used for other purposes like a separator between walk-in wardrobe and the bedroom.

Recent job site (landed property at Sembawang)

Curtains J&K Furnishing-Full length day and night curtain 2 Curtains J&K Furnishing-day and night curtains 10 Curtains J&K Furnishing-day and night curtains 9

The full height day and night curtain is installed at the main door (full glass sliding door). The colours combination creates a very grand feel when you enter the house. The Europe imported polyester fabric curtains is also very strong and durable.

Curtains J&K Furnishing-day and night curtains 8

For the bedrooms, Kelvin also recommended the same fabric but different colour combinations. This is case, a darker tone helps to make the bedroom more cosy.

Curtains J&K Furnishing-Bamboo blinds 3

Curtains J&K Furnishing-Bamboo blinds 5 Curtains J&K Furnishing-Bamboo blinds 6 Curtains J&K Furnishing-bamboo blinds 7

For the backyard, bamboo blinds is used. The bamboo blinds come with plastic cover which can protect the blinds from wet weather. You can also see that not all area for installation is straight. The bamboo blinds is customised to suit the slanted roof.

Curtain installation video

Why Kelvin is your choice for curtains?

  • Professional service
  • Experience and knowledgeable
  • Reasonable price
  • Vincent Interior Blog’s preferred partner: 10% exclusive discount, product quality and service always monitored.

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About J & K Furnishing Pte Ltd.

JK Furnishing Pte Ltd

Kelvin Cheng

Products and services provided: Curtains customisation and  installation
Curtain Decorator: Kelvin Cheng
Address: Block 10B, Toa Payoh Lorong 7, #15-213, Singapore 312010
Mobile Number: 9091 0515 (Primary Contact)
Fax Number: 6358 0301
Company Registration Number: 201130012R

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