Useful tips on purchasing and installation of curtain

Most people do not have much knowledge or experience when it comes to curtains. In this post, I am going to share with you some tips on curtain purchasing and installation.

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What are the differences between a curtain decorator and a curtain salesman?

  • A curtain decorator listens while a salesman pushes the product that he wants to sell.
  • Curtain decorator proposes his recommendation based on your needs, budget and designs of the house while a salesman will show you all his 1001 samples and ask you to choose from the selections.
  • What you buy from a curtain decorator is customized window dressing while you are as good as buying off the rack if you purchased from a salesman.
  • There are huge differences between a curtain decorator and salesman in term of presentation and value adding services.

Why is the best time to meet up the curtain decorator aka curtain specialist?

If you are renovating your house, the best time to meet up the curtain decorator at the installation site is after you have determined your carpentry (laminate) and wall (painting or wallpaper) colour combinations. If you have the 3D perspectives, it will be even better. When all the designs are determined, the curtain decorator will be able to propose the most suitable curtains according to your needs, home designs and budget. A curtain that is not matching can affect the looks of your home.

Factors determining the types of curtain or blind to use

  • Window size: In most situations, smaller windows are more suited to using blinds because it will look neater. If your window is wide or full height, curtains will be more suitable.
  • Ceiling height: For property (like penthouse, condominium or landed) with high ceiling, curtains will be more appropriate.
  • Maintenance: If you like easy maintenance, blinds will be more suitable because you can clean it easily using a damp cloth.
  • Design of your house: There are many choices to match the design of your house, for example if your design is clean and simple, the simplicity of roller blind will be suitable in this case. You can also seek your ID’s opinions.

What is good workmanship for curtain?

  • Straight and neat sewing.
  • Double pleating is done properly.
  • Blind system work smoothly and properly without any creaking sound, jam or fault.
  • Installation of curtain at correct and straight position.
  • The colour and material of the curtain (end product) is the same as what you have selected.
  • The curtain (end product) is clean and dirt free.

Additional things to take note

  • Carpentry, furniture, false ceiling, window and grilles can interfere with the installation of the curtain. Do let the curtain decorator know all the possible issues in advance. If all these information is not communicated properly, the curtain decorator might gave the wrong advises or make the wrong measurement.
  • Not everything comes with warranty. Do check with the curtain decorator on that. For example fabric usually do not come with warranty.
  • Do always check your final product before making the final payment.
  • Some blind system can be difficult to operate. Do check with the curtain decorator about proper operation method to prevent damaging it.
  • Do check with the curtain decorator about curtain maintenance. Advises on how to dismantle and wash your curtain can help to prolong the lifespan and colour of the curtain. Some fabric will shrink after washing. Do ask your curtain decorator to avoid misunderstanding.

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